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Diesel Generator set water tank bubbling
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Recently there are diesel generator set users on the diesel generator set water tank bubble problem to our company consulting, in fact, this is generally a cylinder of high-pressure gas channeling into the cooling water road caused. The reasons of channeling gas and the elimination method are as follows.

1, not according to the specified moment tightening cylinder head nut. If the torque is too small, the cylinder head is not tight, high-pressure gas will be channeling into the waterway. Tighten the cylinder head nut according to the specified moment and tighten it again regularly.

2, the use of the cylinder pad for too long, was washed bad or burned, the tightness of the poor, resulting in leakage. To replace the new cylinder gasket.

3, the cylinder Head plane processing uneven or deformation, resulting in leakage. Should grind cylinder head plane or replace cylinder head.

4, improper assembly, resulting in the cylinder sleeve abutment fracture and channeling gas. Change the new cylinder liner according to the prescribed method.

5, the cylinder sets the shoulder height is not enough or the body on-stage shoulder hole depth is too large, resulting in the cylinder set into the body, protruding body plane height is not enough, or even subsidence, gas will be from the shoulder to channeling into the waterway. Therefore, the assembly before the test, check the projection volume, and ensure that it is within the allowable range.
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